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Monday, April 7, 2008

Chanel2 *ARSE member since January 08 (foundation member) Red Bubble member since October 2007 is in danger of being kicked out of *ARSE due to her habit of winning all the Challenge prizes.

Chanel2 (Cath) is responsible for the Group logo and is a prolific contributor.

We honour Chanel2 with this profile.

Yeeeaaahhhh (thunderous applause)


Hanging in the playground

Talking to my friends

Thinking we were all the same

With familiar trends

Telling different stories

Of our Mothers plight

How they handled stressful times

Or when they’re in a fight
One girl starts to tell her tale

With big round ogle eyes

Her Mum once Yelled out “BLOODY”

In an angry screechy cry

Another told her Mothers tale

One night while in a fit

Threw her arms up in the air

Screaming the word “SHIT”!

A third girls Mum is more creative

In her verbal land

Yelling certain cursing words

About the holy man

As the tales got round to me

I broke in to a sweat

These girls

Can’t come back to my house cause…..I think,

My Mum has got Tourette’s!


Slow cars

Busy highways

Car blinkers OFF

When moving sideways

Everyday I go insane

When driving next toSHIT FOR BRAINS!

Why can’t you be considerate?

Get off the road, you IDIOT!

Avoiding mums in 4 wheel drives

Old bags with thier blinding eyes

Hateful words bounce from my lips

With temper tantrum yelling slips

Here comes that twinge back in my neck

I’m a road rage psycho angry wreck

When in my car my brain goes hazy

Incompetence will make you crazy

Thank goodness we are finally here

Give me a kiss, I love you dear

Remember to abide my rule

Be fair and nice in play at school

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Cathryn said...

Thanks Guys, this is so special :))

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