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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Who is NoFrillsArt?

Who is NoFrillsArt?
NoFrillsArt is Glen Smith an exciting Artist and Teacher who has been a member of Red Bubble since August 2007.

Glen’s art is anything but NoFrills - if you scan through his portfolio you see a great eye for the absurd and great sense of satire, whether it be Art , fame or commercial Glen’s art also explores social commentary themes such as environment and advertising.

Glen is no stranger to the art scene he studied Fine Art (painting) - yes he can also paint - at RMIT University. He received his Honors in printmaking and a Dip ed. at Melbourne University. As well as being a High School arts/media teacher he is also Chair of the Geelong Arts Alliance (GAA) an arts body affiliated to Regional Arts Victoria.

Visit the Geelong Arts Alliance Inc on

The GAA also keeps Glen busy on the weekends and his days off. The GAA runs a small gallery in North Geelong called West10, which is a part of the Victorian Initiatives of Artists network (Via-N). Glen often doubles as an Arts worker instigating and coordinating community arts projects. (see link at end of story)

Glen is currently running a project with another artist David Dellafiora creating a performance and artists multiple edition around badges called ‘I know my place’. Out of the seven artists involved two other Redbubble artists are also involved, nonstop and jaclynpoole.

With all this extra activety going on it’s a wonder Glen can be proliffic as he has been.
In such a short time on the Bubble Glen says it’s had quite an influence on his work
“It has given me a renewed passion to create through its dialog and positive encouragement in all aspects, be it kind words, favorting of works, or the coveted sale of art. Plus it’s a little addictive! After you leave say art school, many people drop out of action and stop making art all together due to not having exposure to peers and I think that is one of the most beneficial things RB does in connecting a large number of people, in the comfort of your own home, so you are bound to find artists you admire and who inspire your practice. Plus I also like the competitions and the ‘challenges’ thrown up to encourage the art making process. With my artwork just being on a canvas was never really the outcome I was looking for so seeing the work on tees wandering the streets, art integrated into life, now that’s cool.”

When asked about what style of art he preferred Glen said with his work he tried to make social comments using icons and symbols from everyday pop culture. While throwing in a little subversion, a touch of humor and hope for the best. Philosophically he just feels that one should be creative, passionate, original, inventive and subversive…but most importantly…create art.
Another side of Glen’s work is its humour and parody. Glen injects a sense of fun into sometimes serious subjects, all the time not losing sight of the message within.
Examples include:
Artistic Information Chart and TouChe also Idiot Box, False Idol or just Absurd?

For additional NoFrills Art activity see also this link about the 2008 Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair


Anonymous said...

Jeez...wasnt expecting this! Cheers D. Well i guess that officially makes me an ARSE...or at the very least a bum.

V. B. Purcell said...

This is top stuff. ARSE you really know how to kick butt (in a very good way).

Thanks for doing the profile on NFA. Excellent work

zzzpirate said...

was quite taken with the wit and grace of no frills - i would say that my own style of parody is much more flowery and probably has as many frills as the Queen's bloomers!

would love an invite to your group look up ellejayerose in search to see some of my work

nofrills is big in my watchlist!

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